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This blog is a journal of our struggles with food allergies and eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases (EGIDs). ("DD" stands for "dear daughter", so whenever you see it in the blog it is referring to my daughter and our personal experience.) My hope is for this blog to be a source of information and support to others who might be trying to investigate, diagnose, treat, or live with, food allergies and EGIDs. Feel free to leave comments with suggestions or requests of what you would like to see on this blog. This is a work in progress. :)

The Allergy & Asthma Cure

by Fred Pescator, M.D.

This book is an easy read, and has some good information, but won't be added to my must-read list. I will admit that I skipped over most of the asthma chapters and focused on the food allergies.  ;)  The premise of this book is that most asthma and allergies are caused by a candida overgrowth, and the author takes you through the process of controlling candida through supplements and diet.  Although I think that candida is a problem for many people, and can cause leaky gut (leading to food sensitivities), I don't agree that it's a problem for everyone.  Also, the protocols for initially killing off the candida are too harsh for children in my opinion.

The author does discuss a few different types of food allergy/sensitivity testing, and highly recommends the ALCAT test.  He also discusses eliminations diets and nutritional supplements.

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