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This blog is a journal of our struggles with food allergies and eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases (EGIDs). ("DD" stands for "dear daughter", so whenever you see it in the blog it is referring to my daughter and our personal experience.) My hope is for this blog to be a source of information and support to others who might be trying to investigate, diagnose, treat, or live with, food allergies and EGIDs. Feel free to leave comments with suggestions or requests of what you would like to see on this blog. This is a work in progress. :)

Month 1

October 2007 -

When DD (dear daughter) is just over 2 week old, and she has her first vaccine- the Hepatitis B vaccine that we originally declined in the hospital. We are still researching vaccines, but haven't made up our minds yet, so we cave to the pressure of the doctors and let her get the first shot.

Within the next week or two, DD develops a rash on her butt (just to the sides of her rectum) that won't go away. It's not a diaper rash... it just a few red spots that look irritated, and won't go away no matter how much rash cream we use or how much time she spends without a diaper on.

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